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05. Transition Theatre: Climate justice and degrowth - images of our time


„Degrowth. Climate Justice. Energy and extraction of coal. Climate protection and economic growth.“ What are our inner and outer images of those fundamental words (or issues) of the summer school? What does it mean to us to live as emotional human beings in these extraordinary times? And what stop all of us in our daily lives again and again to become really active towards climate justice and degrowth? How can we become conscious about our deep internalized mental infrastructures of growth and acceleration to be able to transform them? Those are some of the questions that we will explore by the aesthetic means of participatory theatre. We will focus each day around the issues presented in the morning keynotes to relate them to our own lives. This course will offer a playful but intense space for reflection and dialogue and might present images, performance or short plays on Friday.

Transition Theater is the application of participatory theatre methodologies for issues from the Transition and degrowth movements. It is based on Theatre for the Oppressed, founded by Augusto Boal and inspired by the systemic version called Theatre for Living by David Diamond. We will also use some exercises from „The work that reconnects“ by Joanna Macy and other related methodologies.

This course will be a intense and creative space for reflection and dialogue within the summer school. Each day will focus on the issues of the morning keynotes and will explore our own relations to those issues. We will use games and exercises as well as image theatre techniques including „Rainbow of Desire“ to explore social relationships in fragmented societies, as well as „Cops in the Head“ to explore internalized mental patterns of of growth, domination, acceleration and more.

Monday: Games and exercises and images around the issues related to „degrowth“.
Tuesday: Games and exercises and images around the issues related to „climate justice“.
Wednesday: Games and exercises and „Rainbow of Desire“ around the issues to „energy and extraction of coal“.
Thursday: Games and exercises and „Cops in the Head“ around the issues related to „climate protection and economic growth“.
Friday: Optional presentation of images, performances, short plays.


Raum: Tent/Zelt 1

Track: Courses/Kurse
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