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04. Degrowth from theory to practice

Rebuilding abandoned villages in rural Spain


The aim of this course is first, to show the situation of social and economic crisis that many areas in rural Spain are going through, especially due to depopulation, and second, to turn this deep economic problem as an opportunity to rebuild some of these communities in a sustainable way, respectful to environment and the local cultures. During the course, we will pave the way from theory of degrowth, to the practice through the building of sustainable eco-communities, with the example of Mas Blanco in rural Aragon, a mountainous area in rural Spain.

Firstly, we will develop a general theoretical approach on three key aspects of degrowth: the degrowth concept itself, issues on land property and the tools for land stewardship. Degrowth must be discussed according to a general context of cultural hegemony of pro-growth societies. The discussion on land property addresses the question of the necessary revision of the traditional paradigms in land ownership with the binomy public/private, in order to propose the introduction of traditional ways of land property, such as the common-pool resource Management (CPR). Finally the concept of land stewardship claims for a new array of land planning instruments living place to other forms of property, such as the commons, especially suitable to manage environmental values of a land.
The second section will show the current situation of rural Spain, where depopulation is the main political, social and economic problem. We already have therefore degrowth in Spain, but with different characteristics that the models proponed by degrowth theories. Finally, section three is more devoted to open discussion, since it addresses the question of the transition to academic discussion to application. To illustrate this transition, we offer the example of the Recartografias association and the Mas Blanco Project aiming at restoring in a sustainable way, an abandoned village in rural Spain.


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