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20 B. Movement building

Learning from the past, preparing in the present, for the future


Social movements have always been at the forefront of change, challenging governments, corporations and unjust laws. In this course we will discuss strategies for movement building and how are we learning from the past; both of which are key questions to address change. In the context of campaigns and organizing, what are key lessons and strategies that have worked or failed? Are we learning from the past into the present, and if so how is this done? Can different diverse movements, grassroots and organizations truly build power that create effective change?

Goals of this course:
1.) To learn from each other about strategies, tactics and campaigns
2.) To share key lessons learned from past work
3.) To look at power in the context of organizing
4.) To share stories of balance: building vs challenging

This session will provide a space to share: tactics, strategies, and campaign lessons. Participants should come ready to share their learned experiences, past organizing and current visions. The course will be a facilitated space for participants to walk through a process of learning as a group with the understanding that everyone has an experience to share and valuable lessons learned. The goals is for everyone participating to leave feeling inspired by each other, with ideas that generate innovation, and change.


Raum: Tent/Zelt 16

Track: Courses/Kurse
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