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Das Trio bestehend aus zwei Gitarren und einer Bassklarinette experimentiert mit komplizierten Kompositionen und tragenden Improvisationen. Rein instrumental gehalten entwickelt Minua einen teilweise traurigen teilweise hoffnungsvollen jazzigen Sog in dem es sich zu verlieren lohnt.

“The instrumentation of Minua is unique and their sound evokes a mood that one can easily get lost in. Their use of balance, space, and almost constant melodic improvising is intriguing as well very beautiful. What I admire most about Minua is their patience to allow their songs and compositions to unfold in very flowing rubato feel but at the same time holding the listener captive with an almost imperceptible intensity.” - Jim Black


Room: Bühne

Track: Arts & Culture/Kunst & Kultur
Language: De
Available languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese



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