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20 A. New Mobility

Transport in the age of de-growth


This course will be organised as a dicussion forum on what mobility in the age of degrowth would look like. How can we prioritise access to goods and services while lowering impact on the environment? What is the current good practice and how can we influence poiltical and business decision makers to make the right choices?

Using back-casting process the group will be asked to agree a vision of where we want to be in say 5 years, and then work backwards to see how we can get there. Looking at the project from the UK - as an example: - we will work in small groups on detailed applications of these examples to a country area which people are more familiar with. This would be followed by open discussion on some of the practical steps to get to that vision. As a fan of sharing in transport this will form a major component of the suggested solutions.


Room: Tent/Zelt 16

Track: Courses/Kurse
Language: En



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