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There will be no climate justice without gender justice


Climate change and gender justice are interrelated and fundamentally similar issues: to successfully tackle climate change and gender oppression at the root of the problem will mean widespread structural changes, challenges to power relations and existing economic systems, and transformative processes. Both will require us to change the way we think, act and live our lives.

Looking at the
climate problem through a gender lens reveals not only that climate change will
impact those most strongly who are most vulnerable and contributed least to the problem – something that is by now widely recognised in the climate justice movement. At the same time, it can help us to understand that our attempts to find solutions (whether in the international climate negotiations or closer to home, in locally-based climate activism) also contain gender dimensions: whose voices
are heard? How inclusive are the practices we adopt? How can participation in
democratic processes be encouraged? And what could emancipatory practices look
This workshop will explore the ways in which climate justice and gender justice are related – particularly in reference to our own forms of climate activism – and attempt to find some initial answers to the questions above.


Room: Queer-feministisches Barrio-Zelt

Track: Workshops
Language: En



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