Version 1.0

Programme data base

This is the programme data base of the degrowth summer school 2015 taking place from August 9-14 in the Rhineland. It also displays the events of the climate camp which takes place from August 7-17 in the same place and with which the summer school cooperates. On Saturday, 15 August, there will be the demonstration "Exit from coal now!" which is also supported by the summer school.

In the data base you can find all the events of the camp and the summer school and links for further reading.

The English versions of the workshop descriptions can be found in the printed programme which is available for download here or via

You can search for all contributors and their events by clicking at "contributors". You can search all events by their track, day and other keywords by clicking on "events".

The programme is work in progress and will therefore still be extended and adjusted. So it's thus worth checking it out from time to time!

Programme in daily order